International Citation Index Of Journal Impact Factor & Indexing

Procedure for submitting the journal

The first step is to fill the above application form by clicking option submit journal The application will be processed on two criteria

1.Normal Processing

2.Fast Track Processing

Normal Processing period

Generally the normal processing takes 10-11 months time. The following steps are involved in the processing.

1.The application is received by the review team head.

2.The submitted journal is sent to various reviewers all over the world having expertise in the concerned field of the journal

3.The articles are selected at random from the journal and their quality is judged as per the criteria given in the Methodology Section.

4.Each reviewer makes a report giving comments on the articles.

5.The chief reviewer compiles the review reports.

6.Finally after compilation the results are displayed on the website and the information about the results is sent to the journal editor.

7.In Normal Processing there will be nominal processing charges 10 Dollars

In Fast Track Processing the evaluation time 06-07 working days. The above mentioned steps are carried out in priority. The Priority Processing has the fee of 30 Dollars .

The applicant can opt for any of these two options. We will ask the applicant to know the type of processing required. Any information regarding payment .

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