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International Citation Index of Journal Impact Factor & Indexing calculates impact factor on the basis of Google Scholar citation. Journal Impact Factor is accurate measure of journal citation.


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INTERNATIONAL E-LIBRARY is an International, specialized platform for promoting as well as supporting national and international research between publishers of research journals and scientific entities.

INTERNATIONAL E-LIBRARY OF JOURNAL IMPACT FACTOR & INDEXING was started by group of renowned academician & researchers from various countries in different disciplines with specific objective of providing quality information to the researcher. INTERNATIONAL E-LIBRARY OF JOURNAL IMPACT FACTOR & INDEXING offering academic database services to researcher. Its mainly: citation indexing, analysis, and maintains citation databases covering thousands of academic journals, books, proceedings and any approved documents. All of these are available via International E-Library Web of Journal Knowledge database service. This database allows a researcher to identify which articles have been cited most frequently, who has cited them and find out the Journal Impact Factor (JIF). International E-Library also publishes the annual Journal Reference Report which list an journal impact factor for each of the journals that it tracks. A list of different discipline of journals is maintained by the International E-Library. The list includes engineering, management and science journals. Listing is based on published selection criteria and is an important indicator of journal quality and impact

INTERNATIONAL E-LIBRARY OF JOURNAL IMPACT FACTOR & INDEXING provides quantitative and qualitative tool for ranking, evaluating and categorizing the journals for academic evaluation and excellence. Within the scientific community, journal impact factors play a large but controversial role in determining journal impact factor to a published research record This factor is used for evaluating the prestige of journals. The evaluation is carried out by considering the factors like peer review originality, scientific quality, technical editing quality, editorial quality and regularity.

Journals indexed in INTERNATIONAL E-LIBRARY database will have the right to use the website logo and the International Impact Factor value displayed on their website.

•  Journals with p-ISSN/e- ISSN are eligible to apply.

•  The impact factor will be calculated per year on the basis of a 100 points contribution scale and on Number of articles published during a year. Articles is be selected from each issue and their quality will also be judged.

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