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Title Uluslararası Anadolu Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi (Internatıonal Anatolian Social Sciences Journal)
Online ISSN / Print ISSN 2619-9475
Chief Editor Yusuf Arslan
Publisher Name Yusuf Arslan
Journal Description The Journal of New Approaches in International Social Studies is an international and scholarly international journal which began its publication in 2017. The language of publication is Turkish and English. Work that is accepted as a journal is published online. Publishing the studies in the field of all social sciences that the editorial board regards as suitable for the purpose of establishing the current situation in the field of teacher training, attracting attention to problems and bringing solution proposals. feed additives. In addition to research and review articles, course activities, book reviews and biography studies are also published.
Organization Contact Details Turkey
Country Turkey
Language Turkısh
Area Of Specialization Social science
Starting Year 2017
Online Availability Yes
Accessibility Free
Content Accessibility Full Text

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