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Title Pedagogical Almanac
Online ISSN / Print ISSN 2367-9360
Chief Editor Prof. Dr. Vesselina Petrova – “St. Cyril and St. Methodius” University of Veliko Tarnovo, Veli
Publisher Name St Cyril and St Methodius University press
Journal Description The Pedagogical Almanac journal is published by the Faculty of Education at St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo. It has been issuing since 1993. It is published twice a year. The journal publishes peer-reviewed scientific papers in the field of educational science and teaching practice. It is a multi-profiled one and comprises the contemporary trends of the pedagogical knowledge: theory of education and didactics, education management, history of pedagogy, comparative education, special needs education, social education, speech therapy studies, pre-school education, primary school education, school education, higher education, andragogy, sport education, art-education, etc. The journal is dedicated to implementing a scientific approach in institutional practice within the system of pre-school and school education – pre-schools, primary and secondary schools, centres for individuals’ support and specialized servicing units. It is involved with searching and c
Organization Contact Details St Cyril and St Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo, 2, Teodossi Turnovski St., 5003 Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
Country Bulgaria
Language Bulgarian, English, French, German; Russian
Area Of Specialization Pedagogical Knowledge: Theory of Education and Didactics; Education Management; History of Pedagogy;
Starting Year 1993
Online Availability Yes
Accessibility Free
Content Accessibility Full Text

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